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Hello World!!

By guest, Apr 12 2016 10:05PM

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May 16 2016 05:53AM by Tester


May 16 2016 04:04PM by Irene C. Gonzalez

"Big C" provided a great ride for our "Walk and Hike RC" group. His bus was comfortable and "high tech" with a charging station at each seat. He had great music for our trip to the Tenecula Wine Run. We definitely want to take future trips with him.

May 16 2016 04:30PM by Yvonne

We used the Big C bus service yesterday for our Wine Run! Great service, the bus was very comfortable/clean and we had some really good music Jamz played!! oh and you can charge your phone while on the bus (USB accessibility). Looking forward to more trips in the future with their bus service!! A++++

May 16 2016 04:43PM by Diana Medina

Had the pleasure to be in Big C's bus yesterday with a group of ladies yesterday and his bus was so comfortable, and very luxurious! I would recommend Big C to everyone for any kind of trip you want. He has all sorts of music and lets you control the music. Great service! 2 thumbs up!

May 16 2016 07:53PM by afadfas


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